Landing has an incredibly active, kind, supportive, diverse, and creative community of 300,000+ creators from 150+ countries all over the world!!!! We’re a mighty 11-person, female founded team, and often get asked by creators how to get more involved in the Landing community. Below are a few ways YOU can plug in!

One important note - if you do NOT speak English as your first language, you are NOT ALONE! There are literally thousands of people who speak other languages or speak English as a second (or third, fourth, etc.!) language. So don’t be shy - we love our international community! 🌎

🫂 Join Community Spaces (group chats) in the Landing APP!

<aside> 📱 Download Landing iOS mobile app Download Landing Android app (in BETA)


On Landing’s mobile app, you can join “Community Spaces” (group chat channels) where you can connect and chat with other creators + the Landing team as we build Landing! The Spaces in the app were inspired by some of the most popular channels in our former community Discord of 3,500+ people - which we opened when we did not have the ability to chat directly IN Landing. Now that we have launched our app on iOS and Android (in BETA!), you can connect with creators all over the world in channels like:

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